About Cain

Cain Credicott Bio PicDiagnosed in 2008 with Celiac disease, Cain immediately started a strict gluten-free diet, with the goal of healing his damaged gut. After months of frustration at not feeling better, he tried everything, including a gluten-free vegan diet. This resulted in more gut issues, a “soft” physique (bye-bye muscle mass, hello body fat!) and feelings of lethargy more often than not.  

Fast forward a couple of years post-diagnosis, and Cain stumbled upon some information online explaining this thing called “the Paleo diet.”  It didn’t take long for him to try it, and he quickly started feeling better, gaining muscle mass and almost eliminated his gut issues. Paleo’s effect was so amazing, it inspired him to create Paleo Magazine, with the goal of helping spread the word about the paleo lifestyle to as many people as possible.

Now, several short years later, you can find Paleo Magazine in major retail locations such as Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods stores across the US, and in a growing number of countries around the world!