Guess Who’s a Featured Chef? Ok, it’s ME!

Well, I’m not sure what planets aligned this month but I was fortunate enough to be selected as the September Featured Chef for US Wellness Meats!!  If you’ve never heard of US Wellness Meats, well, let me tell you – you’re in for a treat! For many people across the country, local grass fed meat is […]

Last Night’s Dinner: Orange Ginger Shrimp, Kale Chips & Green Salad

Last night’s dinner was a quick and easy affair…ahhhhh, my favorite kind!  I love shrimp for dinner because they cook so quickly, are low in mercury, and are an excellent source of protein, selenium, B12, iron, zinc and phosphorus.  As with just about every food, wild is best, so steer clear of farm raised (especially out of […]

Gluten-Free 101 – Where to Start??

If you’re new to the world of gluten-free, or simply want to learn more, check out the website, for lots of great information, resources and even educational videos to help you along your gluten-free journey.  Here’s a little info about Cheryl Harris: “MPH, RD, LD, CWC, CLC  (or in plain English, Master’s in Public Health, […]

A Make-Ahead Afternoon

I spent yesterday afternoon with a wonderful girlfriend of mine who is revamping some of the eating habits of her family.  This change was sparked by her daughter’s recent results of an allergy test.  The culprits?  Wheat, gluten and eggs.  Hmmm, sound familiar to anyone out there?  Maybe a few hundred thousand or so, right?  Well, after […]

My Favorite Face Wash

A few years ago I got a little fed up shelling out heaps of cash for facial products.  I was also fed up with not being able to see my bathroom countertops that were now cluttered with piles of products I’d tried and ended up ditching halfway through because I just didn’t like it.  I […]

Eggnog Ice Cream

I won’t say this is a recipe…more like an idea.  One of my wonderful Facebook fans suggested trying this, so I finally gave it a whirl – literally – in my ice cream maker.  I’ve talked before about So Delicious brand coconut milk products and how nice they can be to have when you or […]

Easy Bake Ovens Are A Changin’…

Did you know that the incandescent light bulb is fading away?  Did you know that Easy Bake Ovens are now made with a real heating element and cost 3 times the amount they used to?  Did you know that the classic light bulb baked cakes we enjoyed as little kids will no longer happen?  Get […]

The Pea Project

My kids spent a recent afternoon making art projects in our living room.  The medium of choice?  Paper, glue and dried split peas.  I had an old bag in the pantry and two bored kids, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  After the creative process had run its course, we cleaned up, […]

“The Healthy Gluten Free Life” Available for Pre-Order!

  “The Healthy Gluten Free Life” cookbook is now available for pre-order on and!  This hefty book is over 400 pages with 200 recipes and full color photos of each dish.  All recipes are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, white rice & bean flours, so get ready to enjoy some amazing food, […]

Veggie Breakfast Hash

(By The Maniac) When I woke up this past Sunday morning I figured it called for a big breakfast.  My kids thought that meant bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns, but that wasn’t going to work for me today.  With some egg allergies in the family, those were out.  I don’t have any GF bread for toast and […]