Easy Bake Ovens Are A Changin’…

Did you know that the incandescent light bulb is fading away?  Did you know that Easy Bake Ovens are now made with a real heating element and cost 3 times the amount they used to?  Did you know that the classic light bulb baked cakes we enjoyed as little kids will no longer happen?  Get on EBay my friends!  Buy those old Easy Bake models where you can!

I know this seems a bit dramatic, since they are still making the Easy Bake Oven, just redesigned.  But for me, that wonder and fascination of a light bulb being able to bake a yummy little cake is just hard to let go of.  And why is this so important to me?  Well for one, my kids happen to have a traditional Easy Bake (yay!) and for two, they both have food allergies.  Sound ridiculous to give them something they can’t use?  Oh but they can!!  I have created toy oven cakes and frostings that work like the real deal, only they are free of gluten, dairy and eggs!  And if you’ve read one of the store bought toy oven mixes, you’ll also see mine are free of chemicals and preservatives I can’t pronounce as well.  And OH YEAH – these toy oven recipes will be in my cookbook, The Healthy Gluten Free Life!  So if you’ve been thinking about an Easy Bake oven for your child, but you’ve put it off because they couldn’t use the mixes, don’t wait any longer!  Go ahead and get that little oven and share in the wonder of creating tasty treats with your child.  The Healthy Gluten Free Life is available for pre-order now on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, and will be released in stores February 21, 2012.

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