Eggnog Ice Cream

I won’t say this is a recipe…more like an idea.  One of my wonderful Facebook fans suggested trying this, so I finally gave it a whirl – literally – in my ice cream maker.  I’ve talked before about So Delicious brand coconut milk products and how nice they can be to have when you or your family have dairy allergies.  This past holiday season they introduced coconut milk eggnog (minus the egg of course), which was as wonderful as the real thing!  We went through one carton for the holidays and then bought another for some recipe inspiration.

After the eggnog pancakes we decided to try the idea of the ice cream, and we are so glad we did!  Better than we’d hoped, this was the perfect egg-noggy (hey, it’s a word) flavor and perfect sweetness.  We didn’t add a single thing, just poured it in and let the machine do the rest!  How much easier could you get?  And So Delicious has a chocolate mint coconut milk beverage that the kids loved, which would also make a yummy ice cream treat!

So head on down to your local health food store (we bought ours at Whole Foods) and pick up a carton before they’re gone for the season!  You’ll be glad you did.


Eggnog Ice Cream (you may want to print this…it’s a long one)

1 Carton of So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog
Your ice cream maker

1)  Pour cold Nog into your machine and follow manufacturer instructions.
Mine ran for about 20 minutes and came out perfectly.

Whew….that took a lot out of me.  Time for a break and another scoop of Eggnog Ice Cream!

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