Gluten-Free 101 – Where to Start??

If you’re new to the world of gluten-free, or simply want to learn more, check out the website, for lots of great information, resources and even educational videos to help you along your gluten-free journey.  Here’s a little info about Cheryl Harris:

“MPH, RD, LD, CWC, CLC  (or in plain English, Master’s in Public Health, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Lactation Counselor)

Cheryl Harris (full bio) has a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition from the University of California, Berkeley and a BS in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University.  She has worked as a Registered Dietitian and nutritionist for the past 10 years and is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (CLC) through the Center for Breastfeeding . Cheryl has attended numerous trainings through the Center for Mind Body Medicine in DC and Tai Sophia, which focus on the health of a whole individual.  She also is certified as a Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches.”







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The more we learn, the healthier we can be!






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