Guess Who’s a Featured Chef? Ok, it’s ME!

Well, I’m not sure what planets aligned this month but I was fortunate enough to be selected as the September Featured Chef for US Wellness Meats!!  If you’ve never heard of US Wellness Meats, well, let me tell you – you’re in for a treat!

For many people across the country, local grass fed meat is something that’s not available to them.  If you live in an area of farms and ranches where you have access to good quality meat, consider yourself lucky.  So what’s a meat eating, quality conscious, city dwelling person to do?  Order from US Wellness Meats of course!  They offer pasture raised meats and other quality products at great prices, delivered right to your door.  Nothing could be easier, tastier or healthier!

So go check out their website, order a few items to try, and if you’re stumped for what to do with your purchases, check out my featured recipes this month!

Here’s a sneak peek!



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